Ecological Disposable Nappy Policy

Awhina Ecological Disposable Nappy Policy

Awhina is a unique  environment, providing what we believe to be the best ‘out of home’ care  for your child. Our philosophy is intrinsically  entwined with not only the holistic care of the young child, but also with the environment which surrounds the child. This includes  optimal nutrition, using fresh organic produce (some of which we grow at Awhina),  and all that comes into contact with the child’s physical body.

One area we have long been  concerned about is that of conventional, disposable nappies, both for the sake of the baby and for the effect on our environment. These nappies will not break down, the earth is becoming a stockpile for this avoidable waste product.

We have sourced a disposable nappy which is safer and kinder to the delicate skin of baby and which also has the properties to be completely  bio-degradable.

We have researched this product extensively. It is manufactured in Germany and is one of the first completely bio-degradable nappies to become available.
In  keeping with our philosophy it is our intention to use only this Moltex Oko nappy (or the like) at Awhina.

How to order your nappies:

Cornucopia, Organic Health Food Shop ,Hastings, ph.: 06- 876 6248. has specials from time to time which may work out cheaper than the local supplier.

Tere are similar products available from supermarkets which can work out cheaper at times.
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