Parent & Family

In the day nursery much attention is given to the realm of relationship.
We endeavour to come to know the family, to begin a relationship. It is through this relationship that the well being of the child is greatly enhanced. This begins with the first meeting and continues during the visiting ‘phase’ which can take as long as the parent wishes, sometimes months until the parent feels secure and ready to leave their little one, to pass their child to the caregiver who in turn becomes known to the parent, in essence, a relationship is established.
As human beings we have the biological gift to form relationships, we create in the other what we are feeling, for example, the feeling of warmth that we direct to the parent is reciprocated, a relationship begins that immediately is experienced by the child.
We can both effect change and influence the internal physiology of the other in our empathetic responses. Today human to human contact is becoming less and less, and the consequences of this needs to be understood. In the day nursery much time is given to our verbal communications with parents. This will vary from parent to parent depending on their circumstances and needs. What is important, is that the parent ‘knows’ that we are there for them when needed.



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