The soul of the nursery is that realm that embraces the social, sharing and co-working aspect. It is about relationships. It allows both co-worker and parent to know the environment, feel comfortable and ‘at home’. It is paramount for the children that the relationships around them are secure and consistent. It is for this reason that relievers are not used unless they are familiar to the children. Rather, a healthy co-working team is able to ‘tighten’ their working and fill the space left by an absent co-worker. The giving and taking and acknowledgement of fellow co-workers plays an intrinsic role and is pivotal to the healthy life of the day nursery.

The weekly pedagogical meeting forms the heart of the day nursery and is an opportunity for all co-workers to ‘be’ together, reflect on the week passed and the week to come, to study together, to look at particular children, to share openly and honestly the working relationships, reflecting on both positive and difficult issues.

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