Anthroposophical Day Nursery

What is the Anthroposophical Day Nursery ?

Traditionally institutions that offer day care to young children are called just that, ‘day care’ or ‘child care’ or ‘Education and Care’ a new title trend that has evolved over recent years. Do any of these titles do justice to the vital task that caring for very young children implies?

The naming of all things is important no matter what the initiative represents. The name carries with it not simply a description of the institution or centre but also a symbolic picturing of the ‘intention’ surrounding the initiative, carrying a physical and a spiritual gesture.


In this case, the term ‘day nursery’ brings a picture to mind of a nurturing and safe environment for little children, that would both surround and support the child’s developmental path into life, as well as supporting the child’s soul and spiritual development.
The day nursery is an environment of warmth where the ‘family’ is welcomed and embraced – we are there for the child and this naturally includes the family, whatever its constitution. We are there to provide a nourishing environment in its fullest sense.


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