About Awhina

Awhina’s philosophical base comes from indications given by Rudolf Steiner.We believe the young child is worthy of respect and special care during these formative and vulnerable early years.‘Awhina’, a concept from Maori culture, ‘meaning to embrace’, very aptly symbolises the warm and nurturing atmosphere we wish to offer, where the developing child can unfold at his or her own pace, surrounded by worthy role models.It symbolises for us also our intention to imbue Awhina with an acknowledgement of the qualities of our indigenous heritage.All meals (morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea) and snacks are provided. We endeavour to use biodynamic/organic produce and ingredients where ever practically possible.Awhina is licensed by the Ministry of Education. WINZ subsidy applications  are welcome.
We also offer the 20 hours ECE scheme for children aged 3, 4 and 5 years old. Awhina is open from Monday to Friday 8.00 am- 4.30 pm. We are located on a back section down a drive opposite the Duart Care Facility. Do not expect to find a big sign.

We offer placements for students from Steiner and mainstream Early Childhood Education Training Providers.



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